Claire Crignon

Claire Crignon

Co-founder of the Biomedical Humanities Initiative

  • Université de Lorraine
    Archives Poincaré UMR 7117 , Nancy, France


Claire Crignon's primary research is in the English field of the modern era (medicine and philosophy from Bacon to Locke). In particular, she has carried out work on Locke the physician based on his medical manuscripts.

As a historian of philosophy, she is currently working on a translation of Francis Bacon's Sylva Sylvarum. Other work is underway on the natural history of air and the relationship between air and health (healthy/unhealthy air). She is also participating, alongside Julie Cheminaud, in the publication of a collective volume on the relationship between art and pathology based on the study of the Dupuytren pathological anatomy collection at Sorbonne University. 

Claire Crignon is also particularly involved in the biomedical humanities collaboration with the Siric Curamus on rare cancers and with the Institute for Environmental Transition.