« Il faut faire dialoguer sciences humaines et sociales, médecine et biologie »
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“We need to bring together the humanities and social sciences, medicine and biology"

Claire Crignon, lecturer in philosophy and co-leader of the Biomedical Humanities Initiative.

"Notre rôle est de proposer de nouvelles collaborations"

Qu'est-ce que l'Initiative Humanités biomédicales ? Réponse en images.

About the Initiative

Sorbonne University's Biomedical Humanities Initiative is part of a network of institutes and multidisciplinary thematic initiatives of the Sorbonne University Alliance, aimed at bringing together several disciplines, freeing them from traditional divisions, and thus giving researchers from different backgrounds the opportunity to confront their knowledge and experience.

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  • Visioconférence

Neverending infectious diseases - a digital symposium

From 10 May. 2021 to 11 May. 2021

  • Séminaire doctoral

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Le 19 May. 2021




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