Projet Paré sur la Collection Dupuytren

Project Paré on the Dupuytren Collection

 "Collections and diseases: towards an anatomy of suffering" 

Project Paré on the Dupuytren Collection

The Anatomy Emerging Research Project, or Paré Project, is the occasion for a multidisciplinary meeting initiated in 2016 and financed by Sorbonne Universities (Idex SUPER) around a new object: the Dupuytren anatomo-pathological collection. This project is dedicated to reflections on anatomo-pathological collections and the representation of the disease. The challenge is to enable collaboration between researchers and practitioners from different backgrounds, with an equally specific approach to the disease. While the researcher in the humanities or in literature is primarily interested in the representations and figurations of illnesses and in the hermeneutics of suffering, the hospital practitioner or biology researcher is primarily interested in understanding the causes of illness, in order to be able to treat pain and heal patients.

In short, the "Paré" project is the perfect place for the convergence of views, words and disciplines. Today, a book is being prepared to report on this work, under the direction of Claire Crignon, Julie Cheminaud and Danielle Seilhean. It will include numerous photographs of the collection, taken by Christel Jeanne, thus making a collection accessible that can no longer be consulted as it was when the Dupuytren Museum existed. 

The team  :

  • Claire Crignon, Lecturer in philosophy  
  • Julie Cheminaud, Lecturer in philosophy 
  • Juliette Ferry-Danini, Doctor of Philosophy and Post-Doc at the University of Toronto
  • Jean-Cassien Billier, Senior Lecturer in philosophy
  • Véronique Boudon-Millot, Director of Research at the CNRS - Director of UMR 8167 (Greek Medicine team)
  • Patrick Dandrey, Professor of Literature
  • Alexandre Escargueil, Professor of Biology and Genetics,  Saint-Antoine Research Centre - INSERM UMR S 938
  • Maxime Georges-Métraux, PhD student in art history
  • Alessia Guardasole,  Senior Research Fellow (HDR), UMR 8167 "Orient and Mediterranean", Greek Medicine Team
  • Corinne Isnard-Bagnis, Professor of Nephrology
  • Isabelle Plu, Médecin légiste, Forensic Doctor, Professor of Forensic Medicine
  • Danielle Seilhean, Professor of Neuropathology

To allow the members of the project to exchange ideas and present the progress of their reflections, regular seminars have been organised. This work has been published in a research notebook.